We work on many projects that involve data gathering, mapping, analysis and reporting that are designed to strengthen organizations working in low-income communities and support their efforts. We specialize in community engagement and participatory planning. Few other groups in Detroit have as much experience developing neighborhood plans in conjunction with local community stakeholders, coupling market-driven data analysis with facilitated community dialogue and visioning. A core value to our planning approach is “empowered participation,” which emphasizes putting decision making power in the hands of community stakeholders.

Community Economic Development

Michigan Community Resources (MCR) provides technical assistance and resources to community-based organizations planning for economic development. We strive to promote plans and practices that are sustainable, equitable, and inclusive.

  • Revitalizing the Corridor (ProsperUS)
  • Neighborhood Commercial Capacity Building
  • NEI Worktable


Green, Adaptive Reuse

MCR provides technical assistance and resources to community groups seeking to return vacant land to productive use. We help groups with a variety of greening projects, ranging from neighborhood beautification to community gardens, as well as revenue-generating urban agriculture enterprises. This work is a natural extension of our vacant property research, education, policy, and advocacy efforts which began in 2008 in response to the foreclosure crisis.


Housing Stabilization

MCR provides technical assistance and resources to organizations that are interested in stabilizing housing values in response to changing market conditions. This may mean spurring development activity in depreciating neighborhoods or preserving affordability and encouraging community control of property in rapidly appreciating neighborhoods dealing with speculative market actors.