We provide educational workshops that provide up to date information on tools, resources, and tactics to build organizational capacity, complete projects and strengthen community connections.

Here is a list of some of our different types of workshops:

  • Legal Clinics: Our award winning and nationally recognized Legal Compliance Review Clinic offers a group of nonprofits a comprehensive legal and governance review to identify current and future legal concerns facing the organization. During the clinic, a team of volunteer attorneys walks completes a comprehensive analysis of each nonprofit’s operations with a report detailing actions steps and means of legal assistance allowing the group to meet its governance goals over a 12 month period.


  • E-Learning Workshops: E-Learning is an online interactive, multimedia teaching platform where community organizations and MCR clients can take short, engaging courses offering simple guidance on the legal aspects of community development, including legal topics impacting quality of life, like safety and land use as well as those important to building strong and sustainable nonprofit organizations.


  • Neighborhood Exchange Workshop Series: This workshop series are aimed at community-based organizations like block clubs and neighborhood organizations to learn more about fundraising, grant writing, community organizing, resident engagement, recruitment, and more.


  • Legal Guides & Publications: We strive to develop meaningful legal education to organization that serve low income communities. We convene legal teams of expert attorneys to translate legal information into easy to understand guides and publications about topics important to nonprofits and communities. We offer companion workshops to our written products about legal issues in many areas including employment law, nonprofit governance, real property, land use, fundraising regulations, and crowdfunding.


  • Land Forum: Land Forum is a workshop series designed to demystify the process of buying, reusing, and developing vacant land for Detroit residents . The workshop features speakers providing direct assistance in location scouting, acquisition, green redevelopment and legal and environmental processes in productive land use including the Detroit Land Bank Authority, Wayne County Treasurer, and expert attorneys and real estate practitioners. Land Forum is a partnership of MCR, Greening of Detroit, and Loveland Technologies and is held every other month at a public location.


To sign up for an upcoming workshop, check out our Calendar