As articulated by Deepa Iyer, SolidarityIs, and Building Movement Project: the social change ecosystem creates space and place for Storytellers, Healers, Disruptors, Caregivers, Builders, Visionaries, Frontline Responders, Experimenters, Weavers, and Guides. All of these roles align on a quest toward Equity, Liberation, Justice, and Solidarity. This beautiful spectrum of contributors reflects across every team member and board member at Michigan Community Resources.

As you read through our 2019 Annual Report, with the backdrop of the events of 2020 at the top of your mind, we hope that you find inspiration in the wide-ranging stories of social change, innovation, volunteerism, and community resilience revealing our interconnectivity. It has been the intentional alignment of values across the nonprofit sector in our region that has given us fuel in uncertain times.

In 2019, we witnessed, participated in, and at times instigated alignment with those we serve; alignment with those we partner alongside; alignment with funders and corporate firms; and alignment with volunteers, organizers, and do-gooders. It is with this alignment that we continue to plant seeds of transformative solidarity and refine the sweet spot of our mission modality.

Michigan Community Resources has never achieved its mission alone. We have co-conspired with some incredible people over the past 21 years of our existence. We also recognize that we are propped up on the shoulders of community giants. Their story is our story. Collective contributions have been our success.
The platform on which MCR operates is steeped in unique privileges but anchored in proximity to the communities and organizations we do this work on behalf of. This is not a responsibility we take lightly, and moreover, we recognize we cannot solve the myriad challenges facing nonprofits alone. With dedication and heart, the team at Michigan Community Resources makes the daily choice to live Solidarity in practice.

Solidarity is the ability to influence and co-design pathways for a funding initiative armed with the unique challenges present in communities of color.
Solidarity is sitting around the table with three intermediary nonprofit leaders over the course of two years to pour into recommendations that resulted in a report that will inform the future of capacity building in Southeast Michigan—with a direct lens towards racial equity.

Solidarity is sending a text message to a fellow nonprofit executive director before your board meeting to gut check a decision impacting the future of your organization.

Solidarity is the willingness of your friends and mutual colleagues serving as nonprofit leaders to collectively use their voices and platforms to disrupt the status quo. Solidarity is the willingness to do this despite the personal, professional, and organizational risks.

Solidarity in practice is the heart of our work. Solidarity in practice is the bedrock of our mission. Solidarity in practice has been an essential component in MCR’s progress and growth. Solidarity in practice saved our organization from fiscal insolvency. That is our uncensored truth.

Over the past year, our partnerships and collective tables have expanded with our goals. We have learned so much from our expanded network and leaders from all walks of life who share our collective commitment to social change. That is Solidarity.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our story. We hope you can find your direct contributions lifted up in the pages ahead—and if not, we invite you to be a part of our work moving forward.


“Solidarity is sitting at a community leader’s dining room table over a home-cooked meal discussing their impact and skills and how they can share their knowledge with others and pass the baton.”


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