Michigan Community Resources is very proud to present its 2016 Annual Report

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2016 was a time for MCR to do some soul searching. Our goal was to define lanes of work for the organization that truly add value to the community. We want to be thought leaders in our technical areas of focus and act as an example for smaller organizations. We also wanted to develop a vision statement that reflects who we are as an organization and what our priorities are.

MCR also made significant efforts to improve internal office culture. We elevated program management staff to positions of leadership and invested in staff-wide professional development. Management redesigned several decision-making processes to support inclusion.

We are proud of the work we have done to achieve our vision of a workplace where respect, equity and inclusion are prioritized, collaboration is celebrated, and the individual is empowered.
Other organizational accomplishments:

  • In an effort to diversity, our Board of Directors has welcomed six new members since May of 2016;
  • We have launched new programs and services, created new strategic collaborations, and solidified our statewide presence; and
  • We continue to support city-wide initiatives designed to promote collective impact and common voice for community-based organizations.

I am thrilled to share with you this digital copy of our 2016 Annual Report and to continue to serve our community partners in the years ahead.

Jill Ferrari
-CEO, Michigan Community Resources