Capacity Building Tools


  • Crowdfunding Resources
    This booklet includes go-to websites, helpful glossary terms, and quick guides on crowdfunding basics. This project was made possible through the generous support of the Michigan State Bar Foundation.


  • Crowdfunding for Nonprofits: Legal Considerations for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organizations
    This guide is intended to provide information for nonprofit/tax exempt or social enterprise organizations interested in crowdfunding. This project was made possible through the generous support of  the Michigan State Bar Foundation. A special thank you to our authors: Daimeon Cotton of Cotton Law Center, PLLC; Anthony Frasca of Dykema; and Kate Redman of Olson, Bzdok & Howard.


  • Employment Law Manual – 2nd Edition
    The Second Edition of our Employment Law Manual is a primer on key legal topics facing the nonprofit employer. Every nonprofit employer should understand its legal responsibilities to its employees.Topics covered include: hiring, benefits, employment policies, medical and disability issues, discrimination, termination and more. 


  • Fiscal Sponsorship
    A brief article describing how fiscal sponsorship works including the legal responsibilities and duties of a fiscal sponsor and the sponsored organization.