What We Do

Michigan Community Resources is a statewide organization that empowers nonprofit community based organizations working in low-income communities. We work to promote equity, access to information, and sustainability. We seek to understand the needs of organizations working in low-income communities, work with them to design solutions that can address those needs; and continue to support the organizations as they implement those solutions. Our work falls into six categories:

We offer Direct Services such as our Pro Bono Legal Assistance Program, our Capacity Building Program, Technical Assistance Office Hours, and Neighborhood Exchange Mini grants. We also offer fee-based services such as strategic planning, civic engagement, and evaluation.

We produce various Publications including comprehensive legal manuals, neighborhood legal guides, vacant property toolkits, and other resources. In addition, we host www.neighborhood-exchange.com, an innovative electronic platform for peer-to-peer learning, resources, and information about neighborhood stabilization.

We provide educational Workshops that provide up-to-date information on tools, resources, and tactics to build organizational capacity, complete projects, and strengthen community connections.

We coordinate and support Networks & Collaborative Worktables of non-profit organizations with similar goals and objectives related to wide-scale systems change. We set tables that bring our clients to the discussions that have historically been left out of.


We hope to lift up the voices of those who are not heard.

We want to be a resource, a convener, a facilitator and a change maker.

How can we help your organization?