We produce various publications including comprehensive legal manuals, neighborhood legal guides, vacant property toolkits, and other resources.  In addition, we host, an innovative electronic platform for peer-to-peer learning, resources, and information about neighborhood stabilization.

Find a library of our publications on the Tools & Resources page 

We produced a host of legal guides, tools, and resources on hot topics for community groups and nonprofits. Here is a list of the categories where you’ll find these publications:

  • Economic Development & Entrepreneurship: Tools for supporting economic development and reducing barriers in distressed communities.
  • Vacant Property & Community Use: Transforming vacant land to create opportunities for recreation, greening and growing in Detroit’s neighborhoods. Creating and improving parks and public spaces to build a sense of community in Detroit’s neighborhoods.
  • Legal Guides for Nonprofits: Comprehensive legal manuals, neighborhood legal guides, vacant property toolkits, and other resources.
  • Neighborhood Stabilization & Planning: Maintaining and improving physical conditions to optimize quality of life in Detroit’s residential areas. Creating community driven visions of strong, vibrant neighborhoods.
  • Organizing & Engagement: Uniting residents and organizations to address community needs and improve neighborhoods with resident and stakeholder involvement.
  • Safety: Monitoring neighborhood conditions using data, mapping, and quality of life.
  • Capacity Building Tools: Resources to build strong nonprofits and community groups.
  • Neighborhood Exchange: We make Detroit stronger by connecting community groups to resources, news, workshops, and a peer network.