Power of One Dedicates Woman

    Since 2015, Michigan Community Resources has celebrated women community leaders through The Power of One Dedicated Woman, our annual awards honoring unsung women changing Detroit neighborhoods.

    This year, we will continue to bring attention to the stories of women leaders in Detroit and ways you can support them through virtual and in-person engagement opportunities.

    Alongside our partners and awards sponsors, we will offer revised award benefits to deepen our support of honorees by providing them with valuable tools and resources to support their work.

    Award nominations are now open for 2023! Nominate an unsung woman by the deadline on Monday, May 8, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

    Rakisha - baton

    2022 honoree Rakisha Odom holding up her award.


    This award is for all women: cisgender (women who were assigned female at birth), transgender (women who were assigned male at birth), and nonbinary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women. Recipients will be selected based on the following criteria:

    • Identifies with above description
    • Over age 18
    • Resident of the city of Detroit
    • Shares her time, talent, and treasure to improve her Detroit community
    • Her efforts have gone unsung (largely unrecognized by mainstream media, the public, and through traditional awards)
    • Open to receiving no-cost support services and resources from MCR and our partners to support her work in the community, along with other honoree benefits

    Congratulations to our 2022 honorees:

    Asiya El
    Downtown Boxing Gym

    Alyce Hartman
    Birdie's Bookmobile

    Tammara Howard
    What About Us Inc

    Brittni Kellom
    Just Speak

    Lorraine Sheffield
    Ujima House

    Rakisha Odom
    Brilliant Detroit

    Power of One PPT 20224

    RuShann Long
    Rhonda Theus
    Myaia Holmes
    Kelly Roper
    Kathleen Hurd
    Karen Washington
    Yvonne Gibbs
    Claudia Enriquez
    Theresa Landrum
    Jasmine Mahone
    Joyce Moore
    Sandra White
    Stevie Baka
    Sonja Hill
    Latisha Johnson
    Shiva Shahmir
    Betty Varner
    Dawn Wilson-Clark
    Barbara Martin
    Karen Knox
    Rachel Ullah
    Star Roland
    Stephanie Harbin
    Tenai Leali
    Aleasa M. Peatross-Smith
    Dell Stubblefield
    Deysi Martinez
    Mary Jo Smith
    Sandra Pickens
    Sonia Renia Brown
    Barbara Matney
    Charlotte Blackwell
    Denise Kennedy
    Elois Moore
    Marissa Mewitz
    Michelle Jackson
    Barbara Harding
    Jackie Perkins
    Lenora Hall
    Phillis Judkins
    Shirley Rankin
    Jacqueline Conley